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New system integration tests for the new UCR properties


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      Marathon Sprint 1.10-3, Marathon Sprint 1.10-4, Marathon Sprint 1.10-4, Marathon Sprint 1.10-5
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      DCOS-28571 - UCR feature parity / Achieve production readiness


      There are two new features we need to test:

      Host port mapping when multiple container networks are involved

      Suggested test:

      • Launch an app UCR container with multiple container networks, with port mappings to different container networks (using the networkNames field of the portMapping entry to indicate to which port which should be forwarded)
      • Assert that CNI networks are invoked accordingly with the appropriate port forwarding. (I suggest we develop and use a CNI stub network for simplicity; if there are ways to parameterize information to it, perhaps we could have said CNI stub network plugin post back to the test suite in question)
      • Do the same for pods.

      Mesos configurable bridge name (command line parameter)

      Suggested test:

      • Launch Marathon with a non-default mesos bridge name
      • Launch a pod in bridge mode
      • Assert that the CNI network plugin as chosen by the "non-default mesos bridge name" was invoked with the appropriate params
      • Do the same with an app mesos container.

      Container port discovery information

      Suggested test:

      • Launch an app mesos container with three container networks, with multiple port definitions:
        • On port definition A, specify a single network with networkNames
        • On port definition B, specify two
        • On port definition C, do not specify networkNames at all
      • Check port discovery information: (I don't know if it is sufficient to just query Mesos or if we want to query minuteman or what)
        • Port A should have a single port discovery record with the labels network-scope (value container) and network-name (value of the networkName specified)
        • Port B should have TWO port discovery records, with labels similar to those of A (one record with each network-name value, naturally)
        • Port C should have THREE port discovery records, with labels similar to those of A (one record for every defined container network name). Not specifying networkNames implies that a port is bound to, or, all available interfaces for the container. We advertise as such.

      Ken Sipe What do you think about the above? Anything you would change? They are just suggestions.

      Also, we should consider adding tests for https://jira.mesosphere.com/browse/MARATHON-7204 when it is implemented


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