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Consistency with upcoming docker support in Mesos


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      Not yet for merge: pending release of mesos-0.20.0.

      • [x] Clean up mesos dependency to point at a stable release.
      • [x] Test common docker failure modes

      guenter @tnachen

      To use the new ContainerInfo, add this to your app definition JSON:

        "container": {
          "type": "DOCKER",
          "docker": {
            "image": "group/image"
          "volumes": [
              "containerPath": "/etc/a",
              "hostPath": "/var/data/a",
              "mode": "RO"
              "containerPath": "/etc/b",
              "hostPath": "/var/data/b",
              "mode": "RW"

      where volumes and type are optional (the default type is DOCKER).

      To supply credentials to pull from a private repository, add a .dockercfg to the uris field.

      For convenience, the mount point of the mesos sandbox is available in the environment as $MESOS_SANDBOX.

      At a lower level, the semantics of TaskInfo are changing a bit. See the details as outlined in MGI-437.

      This PR also adds a new field to the app JSON called args. It is invalid to supply both cmd and args in the same app. The behavior of cmd is as in previous releases (the value is wrapped by Mesos via {{/bin/sh -c '$


      }}). This change mirrors API and semantics changes in the Mesos CommandInfo protobuf message starting with version 0.20.0. This new mode of specifying a command allows for safe usage of containerizer features like custom Docker ENTRYPOINT}}s. This {{args field may be used in place of cmd for the default command executor. For more information, see the associated Mesos reviews: (24619 and friends).




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