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[Quota Management] Group scoped muti-role support


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      [Quota Management] Group scoped muti-role support
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      Marathon will support dynamic multi-role by adding support for multi-role. Initially, the multi-role support in Marathon will be tied to Marathon top-level groups, with the possibility in the future to have subgroups respectively tied to hierarchical sub-roles. As an example of the subgroup / role convention, a service deployed as /dev/mysql, the role will be "dev". This convention of constraining service roles with the groups in which they reside is referred to as group-roles.

      Initially, legacy instances of Marathon will contain many services which are associated with the default role (that which is specified by the command line flag --mesos_role). The implementation is designed to eventually guide a user towards a homogeneous group-role configuration (all top-level groups use and enforce group roles for their services), allowing for backwards compatibility and minimizing breakages on the way. For example, all existing services will continue to run as default role until a specific action is taken.

      While role is ultimately to be defined at a service level, it will be enforced at a group level depending on a setting specified on a Marathon group. The default setting for new groups will be controlled via a command line flag for Marathon.

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